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Courses fully taught by English

Software Engineering

Industrial background

Software engineering is the use of engineering methods to design and develop effective, practical and high-caliber software. Typical software includes operating systems, banking database systems, email systems, online chat software, office software, gaming software, billing management software, productivity software in smart phones, tablets (such as iPhone and iPad) and other terminals, lifestyle and entertainment software, and social software, which are ubiquitous in all industries and sectors

Educational objectives

This major aims to:

1. Enable students to master the basic theory of modern software engineering, with the abilities to analyze, design, develop, test, apply, maintain and manage applications (including website-, mobile terminals- and desktop-based ones);

2. Familiarize them with mainstream software development platforms, tools and technologies;

3. Equip them with practical skills in software development and preliminary experience in project organization;

4. Shape them into all-round practice-oriented software engineering specialists with proficiency in foreign languages, team spirit, communication skills, technological innovation ability and entrepreneurship, global vision and sense of social responsibilities;

5. Adapt them to technological progress, changes in the needs of the society and regional economic development.

Students can choose to study programs such as general software development, Japan-oriented software outsourcing and development (with Japanese as a second language), and Europe- and America-oriented software outsourcing and development (with C# as the programming language).

Electronic Commerce

As one of the earliest majors in Chengdu Neusoft University, the e-commerce major has recruited more than 700 students, including 639 Chinese undergraduates and 29 international undergraduates from all over the world. It offers e-commerce undergraduate program, post-secondary e-commerce program and international students-oriented e-commerce program. Since the enrollment of e-commerce undergraduates, it has groomed a total of more than 1,800 excellent e-commerce undergraduates. With a focus on the three academic fields of IT, management and business, it cultivates students’ abilities of e-commerce operation, management, and technology application. E-commerce graduates can work as e-commerce operation managers, front-end web developers, e-commerce UI designers, online marketing and promotion specialists, e-commerce data analysts, marketing managers, new media operation managers, short video specialists, copywriting specialists, product managers, ERP implementation consultants and other e-commerce related roles in both public and private sectors.


Students recurited by these two majors can gain a bachelor degree once they meet all academic requirements. Our university also offers a scholarship scheme for prospect international students. (Check your eligibility by emailing us)

Language School -- Mandarin Training Program

Our Mandain training courses are operated by Applied English School. This program offers a 0.5 -year or a 1-year study period.

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